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All Mouth Calls are $12.00 each or 3 for $30.00.


New for 2010

The Screamin' Green Envy is a center cut notch on a three reed design that allows for  great volume control and easy versatility. Once you try it, you'll never leave for the woods without it.


New for 2010

The Raspy Lil' Jenny is a new version of the Stainless. A little tighter stretch, a bit higher pitch and lot more rasp. Try one today and set the woods on fire!


The Bonnie Blue
This 3 reed cutter can perform the entire turkey vocabulary from the softest purs to the loudest cut-runs and perfect kee-kees. A must have for any turkey hunter's vest.


The Stainless

A classic 3 reed inverted V cut diaphragm made to imitate the raspiest of hens. Perfect for those excited cuts, cluck and cackles. A timeless classic in the turkey woods.


The King Cotton
Our batwing cut 3 reed call is sure to give you that pro-series feel for a production call price. The most versatile mouth call you'll ever use.